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1 any physical damage to the body caused by violence or accident or fracture etc. [syn: injury, hurt, harm]
2 an emotional wound or shock often having long-lasting effects [syn: psychic trauma] [also: traumata (pl)]

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The word "trauma" comes from the Greek τραυμα = "a wound": compare the verb τιτρωσκω (root τρω) = "I injure"



  1. Any serious injury to the body, often resulting from violence or an accident.
  2. An emotional wound leading to psychological injury.
  3. An event that causes great distress.

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Any serious injury to the body, often resulting from violence or an accident
An emotional wound leading to psychological injury
An event that causes great distress
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  1. trauma



  1. trauma

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wiktpar trauma Trauma (plurals: traumata, traumas) can represent:





  • Trauma Studios, which created Desert Combat, the most successful mod of the computer game Battlefield 1942





The word "trauma" came from Greek τραυμα = "a wound": compare the verb τιτρωσκω (root τρω) = "I injure".
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Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

abrasion, ambivalence, ambivalence of impulse, anaphylactic shock, battle fatigue, blemish, blow, break, burn, chafe, check, chip, collapse, combat fatigue, concussion, conflict, crack, crackle, craze, cut, decompensation, derangement, disturbance, emotional shock, external frustration, flash burn, fracture, fray, frazzle, frustration, gall, gash, hurt, hypoglycemic shock, incision, injury, laceration, lesion, mental shock, mortal wound, mutilation, neurogenic shock, protein shock, psychological stress, puncture, rent, rip, run, rupture, scald, scorch, scrape, scratch, scuff, second-degree burn, secondary shock, serum shock, shell shock, shock, slash, sore, stab, stab wound, stress, surgical shock, tear, thanatosis, third-degree burn, traumatism, upset, wound, wound shock, wounds immedicable, wrench
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